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Gourmet Steak by Premium Choice @ Chef Boutique!

Last week I had the opportunity to try the class at Chef Boutique

“Gourmet Steak by Premium Choice

What I like in chef boutique the quality of the ingredients that they used it in the class,

 it doesn’t matter from where  sultan center – Carvour – local super market (elJmeeya) …

To be honest this was my first time when I heard about “Premium Choice” they have Premium Meats & Seafood products.

 The important thing that all the meat is HALAL.

The class starts with Premium Choice presenter and explains their products and also chef boutique explain why they agree to choose them.

Chef Paul was the Chef of the class…



 We made Caesar salad … mash potato and the steaks

the salad was amazing and the we learn some tricks about dressing :)



 In the beginning I was fared from the steaks and if they were good as they look and the result was good. I over cooked the rip eye steak but the tenderloin was goooooooood. I really enjoy the class. I am thinking to try them again.



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