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All KUWAIT’s Guinness World Records إبداع أو سخافة؟؟


الارقام القياسية موضوع يشدّك .. يجذب اذا كان فيه شي من الابداع.. يلفت النظر اذا كان وراه موهبه خارقة للعاده. بس اذا وصلت الارقام القياسية مرحلة السخافة؟؟؟ من فضولي حبيت اعرف الارقام القياسية الكويتية اللي بموسوعة جينيس العالمية.. ابداع أو سخافة؟؟


  • Who: Kuwait Medical Students’ Association

  • What: Most people dressed as nurses
  • Where: Kuwait

The most people dressed as nurses was achieved by 116 participants in an event organised by the Kuwait Medical Student’s Association at Dar Al Shifa Hospital in Kuwait, on 11 October 2008


  • Who: Alsayer Group and Fiesta Kuwait

  • What: Most homing pigeons released simultaneously

  • Where: Kuwait


The record for most homing pigeons released simultaneously is 5,400 and was achieved by the State of Kuwait and Al Sayer Group at Marina crescent, in Kuwait, on 24 February 2011



  • Who: Kuwait Food Co. (Americana)
  • What: Longest line of hamburgers
  • Where: Kuwait


The longest line of hamburgers is 306.27 m (1,004 ft 10 in) and was achieved by The Kuwait Food Co. Americana (Kuwait), in Kuwait city, Kuwait, on 30 May 2009.



  • Who: Kuwait Oil Company
  • What: Largest worry beads / komboloi
  • Where: Kuwait


The largest worry beads/komboloi measured 14.4 m (47 ft 2 in) in length and was made by the Kuwait Oil Company (Kuwait) in Al-Ahmadi, Kuwait, and was completed on 15 January 2011.



  • Who: Kuwait Teachers Society
  • What: Largest pencil mosaic
  • Where: Kuwait


Pencil monument close up



The largest pencil mosaic measures 43.44 m² (467 ft 83 in²) and was achieved by students from local schools (all Kuwait) at an event organized by Kuwait Teachers Society, Kuwait, on 4 January 2010.



  • Who: The Kuwaiti oil fires
  • What: Largest oil spill
  • Where: Kuwait
largest oil spill gulf war oil spill 1991 Top 10 Largest Oil Spills in history

The Kuwaiti oil fires were started in January 1991 by retreating Iraqi armed forces as part of a scorched earth policy during the Gulf War. Almost 700 oil wells were set alight, with the last fire being extinguished in November 1991. An estimated total of 1-1.5 billion barrels of oil were lost. The oil which leaked but did not burn formed around 300 oil lakes in the desert which congealed to a hard surface known as ‘tarcrete’ which, combined, covered around 5% of the total area of Kuwait.



  • Who: Abdulrahman Al Farsi
  • What: Largest kite flown
  • Where: Kuwait


The largest kite ever flown, has a total lifting area of 950 m² (10,225.7 ft²). When laid flat, it has a total area of 1019 m² (10,968.4 ft²). The kite measured 25.475 m (83 ft 7 in) long and 40 m (131ft 3 in) wide. The kite was made by Abdulrahman Al Farsi and Faris Al Farsi and flown at the Kuwait Hala Festival in Flag Square, Kuwait City, Kuwait on 15 February 2005.



  • Who: Yousef Hindi
  • What: Largest hand-woven carpet
  • Where: Kuwait

The largest hand woven carpet measures 955 m2 (10,279.53 ft2) and was manufactured in the city of Nain in Iran. It is owned by Samovar Carpets & Antiques (Kuwait). The carpet was presented and measured in Mansouria, Kuwait, on 1 November 2009.



  • Who: Salma AL-JEDDI
  • What: Largest colouring book
  • Where: Kuwait[world_largest_coloring_book_kuwait.jpg] 


The largest colouring book measures 1.80 m (5 ft 10 in) high and 1.50 m (4 ft 11 in) long and was manufactured by Salma Al-Jeddi (Kuwait) in Kuwait, on 26 June 2008.


Largest cardboard box pyramid built in Kuwait


A new world record for the largest cardboard box pyramid has been set in Kuwait city.

The impressive display was made up of 51,963 perfume boxes stacked on top of each other in a pyramid-like structure earlier this month by retail group Habchi & Chalhoub in association with perfume makers Paco Rabanne.

Largest cardboard box pyramid 2.jpg

This successful record attempt smashed the previous record of 43,147 boxes which was achieved in Turkey in October last year.

Largest cardboard box pyramid 3.jpg

The display, which stood three metres high and covered an area of 36 square metres, was constructed at the 360 Mall shopping centre without any adhesive or internal structural support and took 20 people 32 hours to build.

Largest cardboard box pyramid 4.jpg

Boxes of the famous perfume One Million by Paco Rabanne were used on the outside surface of the cardboard box pyramid.

GWR adjudicator Talal Omar was on hand to confirm that the attempt was a success and presented a Guinness World of Records certificate to Mr Anthony Chalhoub, CEO of Habchi & Chalhoub.



  • Who: Kuwait Food Co. (Americana)
  • What: Largest box of doughnuts
  • Where: Kuwait


The largest box of doughnuts is a Krispy Kreme box weighing 135 kg (297 lb 10 oz) and was produced by The Kuwait Food Co. Americana (Kuwait), in Kuwait, Kuwait, on 30 May 2009.



  • Who: Fiesta Kuwait co.
  • What: Largest banner flown by balloons
  • Where: Kuwait


The Largest banner flown by balloons measured 107 m (351 ft) in length and 53 m (173 ft 10 in) in width and was made by Fiesta Kuwait co. (Kuwait), in Kuwait, on 12 March 2010.


مع كامل احترامي للمواهب و الابداعات في تحقيق الارقام القياسية.. ما حبيت اعلق ان كان الرقم القياسي سخيف او لا .. اترك لكم الحكم..





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