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Entrepreneur in Progress W.4









Project: Blog@ 4.0 - I submitted the app to apple approval and hopefully it will be released by the end of this month.

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Project: Weight Loss


My Projects

Work in Progress:

-App: Blog@ (GCC) – 35% Completed

-Site: Blog@ – 10% completed (redesigned)

-App: Elderwaza Blog – 90% completed

-App: Jarayed 4.0 – 90% completed

Pending (on Hold) Projects:

-App: CodeName(BwZ) – 25% Completed

-Site: CodeName(BU) – 80% Completed

-Product: CodeName(BG) – 10% Completed

-Project: CodeName(EF) – 5% Completed

-Site: CodeName(DhF) – 30% Completed

-App: CodeName(KHQ) – 95% Completed

Personal Project: Weight Loss

Future Projects:

-App: CodeName(WE)

-Site: CodeName(GrOn)

-Site: CodeName(RecP)

-Project: CodeName (IcE)

-Site: CodeName(RnT)

-Site: CodeName(FaM)

Finished Projects:

-Project: EZGRT.COM

-Project: EZGRT.NET

-App: Blog@ 1.0-4.0

-App: Jarayed 1.0-3.0

-Site: Elderwaza.com


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